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2018 Recap


The feeling at BRO-AM is like none other, where thousands of individuals and numerous organizations gather to celebrate community and to impact kids in need.

Thank you for being part of another incredible BRO-AM!

The beautiful thing about the BRO-AM is that we as a community are coming together and making sure that these kids know that their stories are important, that they matter, and that they are more than the past. – Jon Foreman

LIVE Performances

SWITCHFOOT,  Colony House, Sure Sure, 91X Battle for the BRO-AM Winner – Inspired And The Sleep, VH1 Save the Music violin student Max

BRO-AM Team Surf Contest Champions – Team Surfin Fire

Damien Hobgood, Jordy Collins, Duran Barr, KJ Norton

Rob Machado Bro Junior Surf Contest Results

Toby Dussault (1st), Luke Butterfield (2nd), Gavin Frank (3rd), Wheeler Hasburg (4th), Ty Spencer (5th), Benji VanZandt (6th)

Challenged Athletes Foundation Kids’ Adaptive Surf Series Results

Landis Sims (1st), Isaac Coulapides (2nd) and Liv Stone (3rd)

Surf Joust World Champion – Kieran Anderson

See you at BRO-AM 2019 on June 29!

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