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July 9, 2016

BRO-AM Team Surf Contest

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When we formed the BRO-AM, we wanted to put on a Pro-Am contest where professionals and amateurs compete – but we don’t always do things the way other bands or foundations do them.

We put on a contest that’s more “BRO” than pro. How does it work? We offer 12 spots for corporate teams – surf industry giants, surf shops, restaurants, and even the local firefighters. (They rip, in case you were wondering.) Each team is made up of 4 surfers – some pros, some bros, guys and girls, all in it to win it.

The 25-minute heat begins with 2 surfers from each team in the water, and when they feel they have scored their top 2 waves they tag out, giving their teammates the chance to add to the score with their best waves.

The twist? Each contestant is scored on one wave ridden regular, and one wave ridden switchfoot (opposite foot forward) to create an even playing field. Even the pros end up with a “more bro than pro” moment.

At the end of the day the winning team receives a killer prize pack, and more importantly, the bragging rights for an entire year.


July 9, 2016

  • 8AM-3PM

D Street
Moonlight Beach
Encinitas, CA

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