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Getting to BRO-AM: trains, shuttles, bicycles and cars too


Have you ever wondered what it looks like when 17,000 people turn up at one beach for a free concert in the middle of summer? It looks awesome from where we stand.  But it also looks like crowded streets and difficult parking.

If you’ve been a part of BRO-AM in the past, you know that showing up early can mean the difference between a sweet parking spot near Moonlight Beach or a long, hot walk from 20 blocks away.  This year, as part of our Green Initiative and in an effort to ease the congestion, we’re encouraging concert-goers to seek out some alternative means of getting to the BRO-AM.  Not only will you save yourself the hassle of finding a parking spot, you’ll be helping us keep the day as green as possible by carpooling, using public transport, or riding your bike.

One of the best options if you’re local is to simply ride a bike instead of driving a car.  It’s summer and you’re at the beach.  Hop on a cruiser, put a friend on the handlebars, let the wind blow through your hair, and enjoy the ride! There are plenty of bike racks throughout the Moonlight Beach area and surrounding neighborhoods.

Another option is to ride the Coaster to the Encinitas station, which is within easy walking distance of Moonlight Beach.  The Coaster runs between Oceanside and downtown San Diego for a round trip fare ranging from $8-$12.  Visit to see current schedules and pricing.

If you’re coming from a bit further away, there are several great options to avoid the parking crunch.

  • You can park your car at a remote lot at Seacoast Community Church (1050 Regal Road, Encinitas) and hop on our free shuttle to Moonlight.  Not only will you get a free ride, but you’ll be cruising in style with a bunch of other happy BRO-AM goers.  Shuttles run back and forth from 10AM – 6PM.  Shuttles will be ADA accessible.
  • Get there early and grab one of the free parking spots at City Hall (505 S Vulcan Ave, Encinitas)
  • Park in the paid lot off F Street and 3rd Street.  Enter on F Street.
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