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The incredible impact…because you played your part


Every year at the annual Switchfoot BRO-AM, hundreds of people show up to donate, to give back.  They donate money, they donate time, or they donate services.  They sort trash, they give out reusable water bottles, they offer directions, they help run the contests.  Each and every volunteer is so happy to be there, always smiling.   

We hope they know exactly how much of an impact their donations are making.  Yes, the BRO-AM is an amazing community event.  It brings us together as a city and it shows off this amazing place we call home.  But the BRO-AM is so much more than just a beach concert.  It’s a powerful fundraising opportunity that has raised over 1.4 million dollars to help at risk youth in San Diego County.  The organizations we have helped together and the impact that BRO-AM supporters have made are exponentially bigger than we could ever have dreamed when we started in 2005.  

Since then, your donations have provided homeless teens  with 250,000 meals plus medical and dental coverage through StandUp for Kids.  Through Feeding America San Diego we’ve donated almost 40,000 meals to low income and at-risk youth. The BRO-AM Foundation has provided 75 musical instruments to help homeless teens prepare to earn an income through Doors of Change, an organization that is helping to create new opportunities for homeless and at-risk youth, using art and music to create a path forward.   At A Step Beyond, kids in low-income schools receive professional dance instruction as well as opportunities for after school tutoring. The BRO-AM has helped to fund quality dance lessons for almost 2000 children in San Diego through A Step Beyond.  And beginning in 2014, we were able to provide over 300 free or low cost music lessons through the SWITCHFOOT BRO-AM Foundation, as well as 100 scholarships giving kids access to local Parks & Recreation activities.  Finally, it does come back to the beach day.  On that day, we have given over 350 surf lessons to at-risk youth, backpacks full of school supplies, and a VIP concert experience that lets them know how special we think they are.  

None of it could happen without the people who donate.

We are overwhelmed each year by the generosity and courage of all these organizations who are investing in our youth and by those of you who have given so much to help them.   If you haven’t had the opportunity, we invite you to partner with us, and #playyourpart.  

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