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Salo’s life was changed… all from a day on the beach!


“You saved his life in more ways than you will ever know.”


We received this letter from our friend who works with homeless youth.  It’s a heartbreaking and inspiring reminder of what BRO-AM is all about.

Hey guys,

10 years ago, you brought a young homeless boy up on stage and had him throw out some t-shirts. His name was Salo. That simple act changed ALL of us… Salo felt so much love from the people… (back then…it was a crowd of 4,000… and it was amazing!!!). This made Salo feel great! He took that feeling back to the StandUp for Kids center and never looked back! Salo’s life was changed! All from a day on the beach….

This has always been what BRO-AM has meant for me… about changing the lives of the kids by letting them know they can be more.  They are loved and they are seen… and not judged.

From Salo’s scrapbook: On stage at BRO-AM with Drew.

Salo passed away last month. He died from an epileptic seizure. Salo had always struggled with seizures, and thanks to BRO-AM, we were able to pay for Salo’s costly medicine while he was our kid.  You saved his life in more ways than you will ever know.  BRO-AM has changed many lives… not just the charities that you give to, but the people who come and support are now my family too… My Bro-Fam.

Salo DID change his life. He was successful in breaking his family’s cycle.  He finished school, managed a store and was on his way.

He shined in his short time here. You helped him shine.  At his funeral, his brother Joe mentioned you… how Salo’s favorite band was Switchfoot… how Switchfoot saved his life…

As BRO-AM has grown, I know it must be hard to take a minute and “see” the impact you have each made.  Thank you, truly from the bottom of my heart, for creating BRO-AM.

Thank you for your act of kindness and for truly caring.

I love each of you.  Thank you again for making a difference.



Salo’s brother Joe came to BRO-AM this past summer.  We had a chance to chat with him, to hear his story and to celebrate who he is and who he is becoming.  We are reminded that this is why we all do BRO-AM.

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